Happy National Barcode Day!

First Published: June 25, 2024

National Barcode Day is celebrated each year on June 26th.

2024 is extra special, though. On June 26th, 1974, a UPC barcode was scanned in a real-life transaction at a Marsh’s supermarket in Troy, Ohio.

Since that day, the UPC barcode (and its embedded Global Trade Item Number) has become the core of worldwide inventory control and logistics.

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With a new revolution in barcoding on the way, the next 50 years should also be exciting!

If you were wondering, National Barcode Day was started in 2021 by three of the industry’s leading companies: Barcoding, Inc., ScanSource and Datalogic. It’s my favorite holiday after Talk Like a Pirate Day 😀

Further Reading

There’s a really good history of the development of barcodes at the Smithsonian Magzine site.

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