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The site features articles on various topics such as specialist fulfillment and logistics, brand and packaging design strategies, and environmental sustainability in packaging; category focuses like food and luxury packaging, and discussions on industry-related issues like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Deposit Return Schemes (DRS).

Additionally, Packaging News Net explores how packaging can be a key tool in combating food waste and highlights innovative approaches to pack design for export success. Overall, the platform offers a wealth of information and expertise on the latest trends and developments within the packaging sector

About David Holliday

David Holliday is the content creator behind Packaging News Net, a packaging blog that delves into various aspects of the packaging industry.

He has an extensive background in the packaging business, having held roles such as Engineering apprentice, R&D Technician, Service Technician, Area Sales Manager, Export Sales Manager, Product Manager, Business Owner, Marketing Manager, and Marketing Director.

At Packaging News Net, he shares his views on current packaging issues and aims to provide insightful content for readers.

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