GS1 2D Barcodes: Get the Implementation Guide Now!

First Published: June 9, 2024

Is your company looking for good information on how to take advantage of the new data-rich barcodes that are part of GS1’s 2D Barcodes for Retail initative?

Well, there is good news – after two years of work that involved GS1 folk from all over the world, along with experts from brands, retail organizations and the service provider community, the official GS1 Retail Point-of-Sale Implementation Guideline is now available online.

Regardless of your company’s role in retail products, manufacturer/processor, co-packer, retail organization, or consumer, the Sunrise 2027 program will bring advantages to you.

The new implementation guide provides information for everyone involved in barcodes and retail and covers all apsects of the topic from GTINs and human readable info to types of print technology that is best suited to print the new barcode on your packaging line.

Checxk it out here: GS1 Retail Point-of-Sale Implementation Guideline:

There are sure to be regular updates so check back often – we’ll also post updates on the Packaging News Net, LinkedIn page.

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