White Laser Coding With DataLase

First Published: March 11, 2024

DataLase, a specialist in laser coding and marking solutions, has launched a new range of colorless coatings that turn to white when used with a laser coder.

The product line includes coatings that are suitable for use with folding cartons, flexible films, foils, pouches and labels, producing high-quality barcodes, graphics and text and compatible with CO2 or UV lasers.

The use of DataLase laser receptive materials can also allow printing at higher speeds than would be possible when attempting to print uncoated packaging materials.

When using a laser to print on colored materials, it can be difficult to achieve a white print, that has sufficient contrast against the background color.

The new DataLase coating is clear, so it isn’t seen until activated with a CO2 or UV laser. The light from the laser, causes the area being coded to turn white.

DataLase makes a wide range of coatings, designed for enabling laser coding processes. These include case coding, for secondary packaging, coding on manufactured parts and printing on primary packaging.

More information at the DataLase site: https://datalase.com

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