What’s Up With Packaging Ep3

First Published: May 1, 2024
Channel: News | Odds and Sods

It’s time for my weekly look at packaging-related news stories.

This week, we start with good news about a brand new aluminium can manufacturing plant, just down the road from here.

Can One USA has moved into an industrial building that was dormant for years and created a state-of-the-art facility for cans used in the beverage industries.

In good sustainability news, the EU Parliament has voted to approve a new far-reaching rule to help manage packaging waste and improve recycling. Read more here: EU Parliament.

In not-so-good sustainability news, the United Kingdom has postponed its own packaging rule because one the countries (Wales) has already come up with its own tougher version. Read more at The Guardian.

Be sure to watch the video:

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