What’s Up With Packaging Ep2

First Published: April 23, 2024
Channel: News | Odds and Sods

Welcome to the latest What’s Up With Packaging video.

This week, I’ve included some new packaging-related news items that have caught my attention.

Unilever has reneged on some commitments to reduce the amount of plastic packaging it produces and to no longer insist on all suppliers paying an actual living wage to its employees.

Perrigo has introduced a new birth control pill that comes in pretty cool packaging.

What’s special about this product is that it is available over-the-counter – there is no need to visit a doctor or get a prescription.

A large food company in Denmark has been flexing it’s new green credentials by switching to Tetra Pak packages.

Is this move as sustainable as it seems?

Finally, some (ok, slight) good news to offset the unfortunate update from Unilever.

Supermarket chain Aldi is replacing plastic packaging with cardboard for private-label toothbrushes in the UK. It’s expected this will save 17 tonnes of plastic per year – sure not quite as much as the 100,000 tonnes Unilever was supposed to have eliminated, but it all helps.

Anyway, check out the video – complete with a cameo appearance by Molly the Boston Terrier!

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