What Do Those IP Numbers Mean for Packaging Machines?

First Published: May 29, 2024
Channel: Technology

IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are an important factor when choosing packaging equipment for your operations.

Packaging equipment needs to operate in a wide range of environments, from cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical industry to dusty cement factories to wet washdown conditions in protein plants.

How do you know if a particular piece of equipment is suitable to use in your packaging line?

That’s where the IP ratings come into play.

The IP rating consists of the two letters, I & P, followed by two numbers.

The first number (0-6) represents the level of protection against solids – dust and particles, while the second (0-8) is the level of protection against liquids.

IP Ratings Explainedclick for larger version

IP54 and IP55 are very common protection levels for packaging equipment, with machines rated to IP65 and IP66 found on machines in particularly harsh environments.

In a meat or poultry plant where the equipment is subjected to comprehensive sanitation routines, you’d expect it to be rated IP65 or 66 and often wrapped as well during washdown to ensure protection from high-pressure water jets.

When specifying packaging equipment, it’s important to discuss the environment where the machines will be used with your vendor to ensure you have the right protection level.

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