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First Published: April 17, 2024
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atma.io is Avery Dennison’s cloud-based system that uses digital IDs to enable control of the entire supply chain.

Since its introduction about 3 years ago, the system has built a comprehensive ecosystem that includes some of the major business platforms such as SAP and Microsoft.

If you are not familiar with atma.io, check out this video:

The latest Spring update to atma.io includes some cool new features:

Factory Dashboard for Scan & Pack

A unified view of the packing process enhances inventory accuracy and reduces chargebacks. Enabling factories to verify carton contents against the packing plan ensures precision and traceability.

The dashboard, integrated with atma.io, offers real-time insights into purchase orders, streamlining outbound verification, minimizing manual data collection, and fostering effective communication between brands and factories. An improvement for operational efficiency, ensuring products are correctly tagged with digital IDs like RFID at the most crucial point in the supply chain.

New Supply Chain Map

Get a comprehensive view of your product’s journey with the Supply Chain Map, which offers a bird’s eye perspective of your supply chain, from production to retail, highlighting manufacturers, suppliers, certificates, and assessments.

It simplifies compliance checks, origin verification, and product tracking, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and excessive communication. Visualizing the entire supply chain allows for easy identification of potential issues and ensures compliance with the Digital Product Passport (DPP).

Generate GS1 Logistics Labels Directly in atma.io

Correct labeling of logistics units with accurate SSCC barcode labels is crucial for smooth running of supply chains.

This feature allows you to create a unique barcode for each shipping unit, such as a carton or a pallet, that contains information about the product ID, destination, and source.

The logistic label helps you identify and track your shipments throughout the supply chain and ensures compliance with the GS1 standard. It also lets you send an advance shipping notice (ASN) to the receiver digitally, facilitating the receiving process and data capture. With the logistic label, you can link the digital identity of each product to its shipping unit, enhancing traceability and visibility.

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