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First Published: January 2, 2024

Where Does My Meat Product Come From?

As a consumer, have you wondered where the meat, poultry or egg products you buy are actually processed?

You may work for a company that sells to protein companies, and you want to find possible new leads.

What’s an easy way to find these organizations?

Well, as it happens, there’s an app for that!

Companies that produce protein products that the US Department of Agriculture regulates have a unique identifier, the EST number.

The EST number is a code that indicates the plant where the meat, poultry, or egg product was produced. It stands for “establishment number” and is assigned by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) to ensure food safety and traceability.

The EST number must be labeled on all meat, poultry, and egg product containers, either within the USDA mark of inspection or elsewhere on the package.

The FSIS website conveniently includes a searchable database that allows you to find protein producers by name, location, type, or EST number, and there is also an app for both Android and Apple phones.

The app is great – you always have it with you, so if you wonder which meat company processed that package of private-label supermarket bacon you just bought – find the EST number (it might be printed on the label or directly to the package with the date code) and look it up.

The app lets you search by company name, zip code, EST number and more.

Are you a sales guy looking for a couple of cold calls you can make in a particular area? Do a zip code search and find protein producers nearby.

I’ve always found this to be a convenient little app, and it is free to get and use at both the Apple and Google app stores. Just do a quick search for Mobile MPI Directory and download it to your phone.

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