Persil Commercial Banned for Misleading Green Claims

First Published: August 31, 2022

When is a product not green enough?

It’s always good if your products are better for the environment and the planet than competitors, right?

But what if it’s not completely true, and you have already started advertising this?

This is exactly where consumer products giant Unilever found themselves, with an advertisement for their well-known laundry detergent Persil.

One of their latest TV ads, aired in the UK, suggested that because the packaging was made of 50% recycled plastics, it was good for the planet.

Is this a fact? I’m not qualified to say, but one person reported the ad to the advertising standards agency parentheses ASA in the UK. As a result, Unilever had to pull the commercial.

I think there are several interesting things here:

Firstly, the fact that your packaging contains 50% recycled material is probably good, but certainly not exceptional these days.

One of the other interesting things is that just one person complained about the commercial.

Yes, one person apparently was enough to have the ASA check the commercial and decide it wasn’t truthful.

I thought this was rather an interesting story, especially since one person can change the direction of a giant multinational organization.

Would you like to learn more on this topic? Check out this BBC article on this right here: BBC business post.

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