Pallet Labeler from Videojet 9560 PL

First Published: March 21, 2024
Image © Videojet

Videojet has introduced its version of the Clearmark Vector pallet labeler – called 9560 PL.

The new system is designed to help customers comply with GS1 pallet labeling specifications and customer mandates and can print and apply up to four SSCC barcode labels to each pallet.

The 9560PL can verify that each label has been correctly printed and applied and, in the event of an issue, can reprint the label – ensuring that every pallet is correctly labeled with the right barcode information.

Unlike some other modern pallet labeling systems, the 9560PL requires the pallet to be stationary during the labeling processing. Still, it can apply multiple labels without moving and stopping the pallet a second time.

The labeling unit uses the same Intelligent MotionTM drive system as Videojet’s case labeling systems.

For more info, check out the Videojet site: Videojet 9560 PL

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