News Briefs, November 3, 2023

First Published: November 3, 2023
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News stories related to packaging, for the last week or so.

Packaging Shortage for Milk Cartons

It seems that a shortage of paper for milk and juice cartons is causing supply chain problems for many schools, prisons and other institutions, including dairy farmers.

There are a lot of news reports stating that difficulties might continue until next year.

New VFFS System

The new FSU800RTC is a continuous-motion machine designed for the multi-phase filling of liquids and solids into flexible packaging.

Increased speed, easy sanitation and advanced sealing technology are key features.

The new system is a good solution for customers wanting to switch from cans to flexible packaging, with products being more accessible to open and compatible with retort processes.

More info at Fres-co

Wales – Ban on Single Use Plastics

The government in Wales has recently introduced a ban on several types of single-use plastic items.

The first phase took effect on October 30, and covers mainly food service items.

Phase two, effective spring 2026, will include more plastic packaging items.

Complete information on this new legislation can be found at the site.

Aldi – Eliminates Plastics for Beer and Cider Packaging

Supermarket chain, Aldi, has updated its packaging for cans of private-label beer and cider in the UK to eliminate the use of plastics.

The new paper-based packaging replaces the traditional plastic can rings and is 100% recyclable.

Read more at Aldi’s Media Center.

Image © Aldi.

Whitepaper – the How of Reusable Packaging

One way to make your supply chain more sustainable is to switch to reusable packaging when possible.

The Reusable Packaging Association would obviously like everyone to do this, and to help make it easier has produced a detailed whitepaper with a lot of information on the topic.

You can download your copy from the Retail Working Group website.

Zebra Sales Drop

Zebra Technologies has announced an expected drop in 4th quarter sales by up to 36%.

The company says this is due to less spending on technology products in a challenging economic environment,

This follows a sizable sales decrease in Q3.

More information at

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