Labels Designed for UV Lasers

First Published: March 7, 2024

Labeling specialist Herma has introduced a new film label that is designed to have variable information added using a UV laser.

Traditionally, variable information has been added to pharmaceutical and cosmetic labels using thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) systems or inkjet printers.

Both technologies use consumables, which often means the line has to stop for replenishment.

CO2 lasers are also often used, usually removing a layer of ink to show the contrasting background.

It has already been possible up until now to use lasers with special paper for the marking of labels without removing any material. However, this is not an option for most pharmaceutical products, but also for many cosmetic products solely for application and safety reasons. Thanks to the new film labels, the way is now clear to use this advantageous method in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, regardless of whether the variable data is expiry dates, batch numbers or data matrix codes.

Sven Pleier, key account manager for chemicals and pharmaceuticals at Herma

Using the new film label, which is receptive to laser light in the UV part of the spectrum, allows for high-contrast printing at high speeds without needing consumables or removing any material from the label. Lasers are an excellent solution for printing Datamatrix barcodes for GS1 coding compliance.

Herma has been working with Domino’s UV laser system to test the new label and can provide a labeling system with Herma’s pharma labeler and integrated laser coder.

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