First RecyClass Certified Paper Label for HDPE & PP

First Published: May 20, 2024
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UPM Raflatac Unveils New Wave: A Breakthrough in Recyclable Paper Labeling

UPM Raflatac has introduced its cutting-edge New Wave paper label material, which is designed to be compatible with recycling processes. This innovative product is the first paper label material to receive RecyClass certification and a Letter of Compatibility for use on rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) containers.

The certification highlights that New Wave paper labels maintain compatibility even in natural and white material streams, which demand the highest purity of recyclate. This breakthrough in label technology marks a significant advancement in the recycling of rigid plastic packaging, aiding brand owners in enhancing circularity.

New Wave stands out as the sole RecyClass-recognized label solution for rigid natural and white HDPE and PP material streams. This pioneering development sets a new standard for sustainable packaging and supports the industry’s transition towards more eco-friendly practices.

New Wave Label Material: Enhancing Product Life Cycle and Recycling Purity

The New Wave label material by UPM Raflatac is designed to support the entire life cycle of products, particularly those in home and personal care, such as soap bottles and detergent containers. This innovative material ensures the purity of recycled materials by washing off cleanly at just 40°C using plain water, eliminating the need for chemicals.

Currently available to customers in the EMEIA region and soon in the Asian market, the New Wave label material is engineered to perform without fiber loss during recycling, thus preventing contamination in material streams. This guarantees that the recyclate can be reused in new packaging without compromising quality, offering producers a renewable source for label materials.

Until now, achieving RecyClass approval for natural and white HDPE and PP rigid packaging was challenging due to the absence of an approved label. With the introduction of New Wave, brands can now secure certification for their final packaging. The RecyClass Letter of Compatibility confirms that New Wave label material is compatible with industrial-scale recycling technologies, marking a significant advancement in sustainable packaging solutions.

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